We are passionate about a world of hope restored…of partnering for fertility…of creating families…of the gift of life. This is our life’s work – to assist those that long to become parents, whether via egg donation, surrogacy or adoption.

[quote]You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see… but you can’t close your heart to the things that you do not want to feel.[/quote]


Gift ov life egg donors are very special to us.

A Gift ov life donor angel – “My journey to do something greater than myself has been a life changing and opening experience. The journey has taught me that we cannot take things for granted, be grateful and appreciate every day and treat everyone with care and kindness. I had always wanted to give of myself…” Read more

We adhere to the egg donation laws, regulations and guidelines provided by the The National Health Act (2003 and 12 March 2012.) Gift ov life and its Co-Founders are in no way involved in sending egg donors outside of South Africa for the purpose of egg donation which can be potentially dangerous. (Affidavit)

As per the law, we protect our donors right to anonymity.

Gift ov life reserves the right to provide its recruited egg donors to whomever it chooses, either fertility clinics or individuals.