Become an Angel Ambassador

Gift ov life would love you to become an egg donor ambassador and refer woman you know to join our egg donor program. If you are an active donor, a retired egg donor and still want to be part of this wonderful programme, we have a way for you to help!

Gift ov life is always looking for more awesome donors, just like yourself, to join us and help others dreams come true.  We will reward you with R500 for every woman that joins and is accepted to our egg donor program, because of your referral. There is no limit to what you can earn…

So how do you become an Egg Donor Ambassador?  It is so simple and so easy!

All you need to do is “spread the word”…

  • Share this link to our www – Click here
  • Potential donors will need to meet Gift ov life’s criteria – Click here
  • Donors need to complete the application form by applying online – Click here
  • When your referral contacts us, she must give us your name as her referral angel and we will contact you for your banking details and make payment to you, as soon as she approved and accepted onto our program.

Get going! Get earning! Give the gift ov life!

Be Eggstraordinary   …   Be Eggceptional   …   Be Eggstatic