Local & International tissue transportation

Heart_Art(1)Gift ov life has partnered with a leading cryroshipping company, Kynisi, who are medical couriers whose focus is to move IVF fertility samples both internationally & domestically…

They specialise in working with cryopreserved patient and donor IVF samples (embryos, sperm & eggs) internationally via their on-board courier consolidated circuit, it’s the most assured method.

They accompany the samples all the way, that’s why they call it Special Envoy

The key advantage of the on-board service is that the IVF samples are fully accompanied between fertility clinics inside the aircraft cabin. This eliminates the chance of equipment being dropped or damaged by flight handlers and avoids the samples being compromised. Guarding against x-raying through airport security screening is requested. We provide the dry shipper canisters/transport equipment.

Kynisi’s services are Europe based with a global reach. Dry shipper canisters (transport equipment) are also stationed in the USA & Australia which gives us robust international coverage. We can move IVF samples across the globe or around the corner, the 4 hemispheres of the world are well trodden by us.

Why Kynisi?

They get it, they really do. After moving thousands of client samples throughout the years they fully understand that the hopes, endeavours & also anxieties are all tied up with the need to move these special deliveries across town or to broader horizons.

KyniKynisi Courier Systems Limited
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7357 0001
Mobile: +44 (0)79 5623 8260
Email: kosta@kynisi.com