A World of Hope Restored

Gift ov life Founders launched their free eBook entitled A World of Hope Restored in November 2011.

Motivated by the knowledge, insights, views and perceptions of the hundreds of recipients that we have assisted, A WORLD OF HOPE RESTORED is supported by leading fertility specialists and fertility psychologists in South Africa.

This booklet is compiled to leave recipients feeling less stressed and alone, less anxious and better informed about the option of egg donation as a means of conception.

    A Storybook on egg donation – Toby’s Question

    Gift ov life is proud to present one of our special recipient mom’s who has conceived three magnificent children, all via Egg Donation.
    Elaine Cronje, a Gift ov life recipient has written a book to help other parents in explaining to thier children the process of egg donation and how they were conceived.
    Proudly presenting – Toby’s Question, A Storybook on egg donation

    “I am a proud mommy of three beautiful children, all conceived through egg donation. It has been a long and emotional journey from a failed round of egg donation and IVF, to fostering a baby with the hope of adoption which did not turn out as expected, to a successful round of egg donation and IVF, which resulted in our three children.
    It always bothered me how to tell my children about their process of conception, as their genetics will be different to mine. I decided to write a book for my little ones to read to them at night and to grow up with the idea of alternative ways of conception, making conversations easier for one day when the time is right. It is also my hope that it will make them feel safe and understand that I am their mommy, even though the egg came from a donor. I have published this book as a result, with the hope to assist other parents with the explanation process, as it is a sensitive and difficult topic.















    To get your copy of this wonderful book, contact:
    email: elainecronje@gmail.com
    cell number: 082 098 3303
    Or online: https://dinodillykids.com/Tobie-se-Vraag-Tobys-Question-p307620087