Medical Finance and Medical Aid

The cost of infertility as been well documented. Infertility is not only devastating emotionally but the associated costs of securring an egg donor and IVF treatments can be financially crippling. Gift ov life has partnered with two leading fertility finance companies, Medifin and Fertility Solutions.


MedifinAlternate payment solutions for potential patients, allowing them to move forward with their treatment or procedure sooner rather than later. Servicing all medical doctors nationally and finance a variety of surgeries.

MediFin is an established national lending institution that works with thousands of medical professionals and their patients who need financing.  Since elective surgeries are not covered by Medical companies, MediFin offer a simple application and approval process, affordable rates and terms, and compassionate customer service. With one simple credit application, you will be on your way towards fulfilling your dreams.

Financing surgeries for up to R100,000.

Contact: and advise that you were referred by Gift ov life.


Discovery Medical Aid – Assisted reproductive therapy benefit

Discover how Discovery Medical Aid supports members seeking fertility treatment, including IVF. Through the Assisted Reproductive Therapy Benefit, available to Executive and Comprehensive plan holders, Discovery provides coverage for specific assisted reproductive therapy (ART) treatments like IVF. This benefit encompasses a range of fertility procedures and treatments, with coverage up to a designated annual limit, subject to Discovery’s guidelines.

It’s important to note that while medical procedures are covered, fees from non-medical providers such as egg donor agencies like Gift ov life are not included in Discovery’s ART cover.

For comprehensive details on Discovery’s Assisted Reproductive Therapy Benefit, please visit their website.

Please verify the accuracy and applicability of the information provided directly with Discovery, as details may have changed.

Malka Ella Fertilty Fund

Assistance, guidance, and financial support for Jewish couples. Gift ov Life is honored to collaborate with the Malka Ella Fertility Fund, providing complimentary and significantly reduced-cost treatment cycles to beneficiaries of the fund. Discover more at Malka Ella Fertility Fund.