Become an egg donor angel and change lives

Egg donation resulting in a possible gift ov life, is one of the most precious and selfless gifts one can give to another.

As a Gift ov life Donor Angel you are supported by the Gift ov life girls – available to you, experienced at what we do, professional in every way and providing you with all the care and advise you deserve.

If you would like to chat to one of our Super egg donor angels…they have donated more than twice, in fact, some 5 times…email us here

Donate your eggs at Gift ov life …..
The simple and easy steps to egg donation…

egg donation STEP 1: First Register

Complete the quick and simple Gift ov life Egg Donor Application online, click here we will then contact you.

egg donation STEP 2: Complete your profile

Once you have registered, you will:

  • Be contacted by us, usually within 24 hours, via email
  • You will be sent information on what egg donation entails
  • You will need to complete a detailed profile which can either be done
  • Online – you will be emailed your own unique password which you can enter here
  • Via email – we will send you a profile to complete which you will return to us via email / fax

Your profile includes information relating to your physical features, family genetics, medical history, school career, likes and dislikes. Once we receive your completed profile we will review it.

egg donation STEP 3: You are now a Gift ov life egg donor angel!

Once you have been accepted onto the program and assuming that you are still interested in becoming an egg donor, we will add you to our database of hundreds of donor angels!  Your baby picture/s, an allocated donor number and your profile will be available on our website for potential parents to view.

egg donation STEP 4: You receive a call! Selection by Recipients

Potential recipients, searching for an egg donor, email us for a password. We provide a password for entry to our database of donors… that is you!

Should a couple be interested in your profile, we will share it with them. We never disclose your name or personal details. Once a recipient chooses you, will contact you requesting that you donate for them. You then decide whether or not you would like to donate at that time.

egg donation STEP 5: Your clinic appointment

The medical process starts with an appointment with the fertility doctor at one of the fertility clinics. This appointment will include an ultrasound, pelvic examination and blood tests. A donor co-coordinator or psychologist will also be available to you. You can ask any additional questions of the medical team

Once your blood tests are received and you are deemed to be physically and mentally fit, your menstrual cycle will be coordinated with the recipients. You will also be given a 2-week course of fertility medication with frequent visits to the clinic during these 14 or so days, to check your response to the medication in terms of the development of your eggs.

egg donation STEP 6: Your egg donation

On the day of egg retrieval, the matured eggs will be collected via the vagina via a “suction” device. You will be under conscious sedation for about 20 minutes and will feel nothing. There is no cutting. You will be compensated R8,000.00 when you donate your eggs, the payment of the donor fee is paid by the fertility clinic you donate at within 2 to 3 days AFTER you’ve donated. You will now have given someone the chance of a new life

egg donation STEP 7: After egg donation care

Your donor support person will contact you before your donation day. We will also be in contact on the day after the retrieval and a week later. You will then have given a potential gift ov life and will then be one of our donor angels. Join our donor angel list! At this time, you can decide whether you would like to donate again.