Not all egg donor programs are created equal, as not all egg donor agencies operating in South Africa have signed the SASREG code of conduct (The South African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological and Endoscopy Regulations.) Gift ov life is fully compliant with SASREG, which has set the ethical and protocol guidelines for egg donation agencies operating in South Africa.

The task committee for egg donation agencies approval is: Dr Igno Siebert, Dr Sulaiman Heylen and Dr Mervyn Jacobson.

IVF clinics are recommended to work with only an accredited egg donation agency.

Gift ov life abides by the SASREG gamete donation guidelines as published in 2008 (SASREG), as well as all South African laws governing gamete donation: Chapter 8 on Artificial Fertilisation of the National Health Act and regulations. This is an important consideration, as Gift ov life is committed to being ethical and honest in protocol when you select your donor with us. Gift ov life also operates as an agency completely compliant with South Africa’s financial, ethical and legal requirements. This is your security that your investment payment to Gift ov life, for the recruitment of your donor, is safe and secure.