Discover Gift ov life, South Africa’s leading egg donor program, trusted by the nation’s top fertility clinics.

Our mission is simple: We nurture dreams and create miracles and guide you through every step of the egg donation process and beyond.

Established in 2009, Gift ov life has been instrumental in over 3,000 successful donor-recipient cycles, spanning more than a decade. Led by Tami Sussman, a compassionate former infertility patient, and a dedicated team of experienced women, we understand the challenges you face firsthand.

Committed to excellence and integrity, Gift ov life adheres to the medical SASREG code of conduct, serving both local and international clients. Our extensive online database features hundreds of exceptional egg donors, ensuring a seamless match for you. With support from our knowledgeable team, we strive to make your Egg Donation South Africa journey as smooth as possible.

Partnered with South Africa’s leading fertility clinics, we offer world-class IVF egg donation services with guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity. Recommended by renowned clinics such as Aevitas, Medfem, Vitalab, Durban Ferility Clinic, and more, our track record speaks for itself.

Our success stories reach far beyond South Africa, with clients from around the world finding hope through our program. With an impressive success rate of over 70% per cycle and immediate access to dedicated egg donors, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of parenthood.

At Gift ov life, your journey is our priority. Contact us today to discover how we can help you take the first step towards building your cherished family.


See what our donors and recipients are saying

We wish to also thank the both of you for your services. You’ve been completely professional, caring and wonderful to deal with. We would, without hesitation, recommend your services to others.

Australian Recipients

There is nobody that can compare to your warmth, empathy and kindness and that I want you to both know. You both have a special brand and uniqueness that I don’t believe any other agency can match and I just so hope that your specialness, kindness and empathy takes Gift Ov Life to new heights this year.

UK Recipient

These are dedicated professionals who will guide you in this difficult process. Having been through many of the procedures themselves, they are leaps and bounds ahead of any others in the marketplace. Their response time is so quick, even after hours and weekends, I was amazed! Their knowledge is wide and they are just loving supportive ladies.

S&D Johannesburg May 2010

Hi Tami! Our Angels arrived on the 4th of June with a 2 minute difference. We are so delighted that they are here and enjoying every moment with them. Everything went so well and we are just so blessed. Our son looks so much like papa it’s just quite amazing and our baby girl has a lot of mama’s features. They have the most beautiful eyes and they have already brought so much joy to the family. I thank God for what you have all done for us and truly feel so blessed to have finally meet these precious souls.

S&D Johannesburg May 2010

Dear Tami and girls, I just wanted to write and thank you both for all your support over the past few months. When we first looked at egg donation, I must admit we were a bit cynical. Hearing stories from our friends about unscrupulous agencies on the other side of the world did not help rid us of our fears. This was however to be our last (and as you know…successful!) try at starting a family! Once we finally settled on South Africa, we looked at the websites of many egg donor agencies. Gift ov life immediately lept out at us. There was a sense of professionalism and care that was not found on the other websites and it was that that prompted me to make first contact. I was so surprised to receive a personal message from the founder within hours! The care and support you offered us made us feel at home. I am looking forward to the morning sickness and will certainly stay in touch.

Parents Australia 2009

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