Gift ov life Management Fee – paid to Gift ov life:

ZAR 21,000

(For South African Residents) (Excl donor travel)

ZAR 23,000

(For non- South African Residents) (Excl donor travel)

This fee includes our online Donor Database, non-medical pre-screening of donor and donor meeting. Contract execution and co-ordination and file record keeping. Co-ordination of donor initial medical screening with clinic. Donor travel co-ordination when required. Ongoing support for the donor throughout her medical treatment. Facilitation and co-ordination of the ongoing donor, clinic and recipient communication. Recipient support, travel plans and meeting as and when required.

This once off fee is payable to secure the right to use a specific chosen donor for egg donation. Once the payment is received the donor is released to the clinic of your choice. In the unlikely event that the donor is found by the clinic to be unsuitable for egg donation, Gift ov life provide you with an alternative donor of your choice or a full refund.

*Please be aware

Bank charges for international deposits: R450 will be added to your fee for any international deposits.

Due to the significant increase in fuel and travel costs, an additional travel fee, for locally travelling donors, of between R1,000 and R2,000 will be levied for all matches and will be paid to the donor to reimburse the donor for her travel costs.

If a chosen donor is required to travel from one region to another in order to receive treatment at your clinic of choice, an additional fee is charged by Gift ov life. You are responsible for her associated travel costs. Please contact us at for a current estimate of these costs.

If a chosen donor is required to travel from one region to another in order to receive treatment at your clinic of choice, her travel, food and accommodation costs will be quoted and charged for separately, plus an travel administration fee of ZAR2,500.00

Methods of payment
Electronic transfer (+ R450,00 bank fee for international transfers)

Credit Cards (+R450 and a 3.5% surcharge) – Visa and MasterCard

SnapScan – (3.5% surcharge) Snapscan:



Donors Compensation – paid to the medical clinic: ZAR 8 000 – R10 000
This is the legislated amount, which donors receive as compensation for their time, effort and discomfort. It is left by the recipient, in cash, with the clinic who hand it to the donor within 2 to 3 days AFTER the egg retrieval
Medical Procedure – paid to the medical clinic: approx ZAR 45 000 – R 85 000
Includes work up of the donor, medication for donor, donors blood tests, egg retrieval in theatre, theatre costs, doctors fees, anesthetist costs, basic IVF laboratory fee, embryo transfer, scans, recipients medication and consultations.  Additional fees could include: embryo freezing and storage, sperm freezing and transport, sex selection, genetic testing and other non-routine procedures.

*Please be aware that medical fees differ from one clinic to the next and this is a guideline of costs only. We are not associated with any one clinic in particular and will work with the clinic of your choice.

Psychological Assessment  – paid to Gift ov life or clinic: Approx ZAR2 000 (Depending on psychologist)
This fee is due after your donor has had her appointment – usually within 2 weeks of her being selected. Medical guidelines require that the donor be psychologically assessed for donation.

**Please note that international money transfers attract a currency conversion bank handling fee and transfer duties