Gift ov life is a passionate and dedicated team of experts in the field of egg donation, founded and owned by Tami Sussman and managed by Tasneem Abrahams.

They are committed to creating families and giving the gift of life through their expertise in assisting local and international recipients with ideal donor matches.

The team at Gift ov life is loved by all who know them and are always ready to meet with local recipients and donors in their consulting rooms. With years of experience and having assisted hundreds of recipients in finding their perfect donor, they give their hearts and souls to the work they do.

In addition to their local work, they also manage Gift ov life’s international recipients with a thorough understanding of cross-border recipients and their specific needs. They ensure that recipients have accurate, updated, and comprehensive details for their hundreds of donors.

The team also plays an important role in supporting and guiding their angel egg donors through their donation process with love and care. They are a team to be reckoned with and are always ready to answer any questions or concerns recipients or donors may have.