I had always wanted to be a donor I read so many stories about donors and how they changed so many lives by donating their eggs and helping couples have a family of their own , I found Gift Of Life online and signed up, from the moment I signed up I was greeted with so much love and respect that I was encouraged to follow through.

With every donation I felt so calm and confident it’s all thanx to the wonderful staff of Gift Of Life and Cape Fertility Clinic , you don’t feel like a patient or just another donor , they treat you like family they make sure you feel ok and that you well rested, when you see the Dr they connect with you personally before you are their donner, you wake up after retrieval and within minutes your “head angel” messages you to ask if you ok if you need anything if the pain is bad etc , they take your family into consideration, there to answer your questions even over weekends they just a text away I never felt alone or lost.

The staff of Gift Of Life connect with you on a personal level and talk to you even when you aren’t donating, us angels even get to talk to other donors and support them when they feel like they unsure of what to do.

I have only good things to say about Gift Of Life and will always keep a spot in my heart for the whole team, I did something amazing and they helped me every step of the way.




Dear Gift ov life…

My journey to do something greater than myself has been a life changing and opening experience. The journey has taught me that we cannot take things for granted, be grateful and appreciate every day and treat everyone with care and kindness.  I had always wanted to give of myself… Whether professional or personal and this has been a rewarding personal experience that will impact the work I do … I do feel blessed to have been given this opportunity. Unfortunately, I have passed the age bracket to donate again… But should another be looking for my kind of profile… I would consider.




Good day.

This was such an amazing experience. Thank you again for the great work you guys are doing. It truly is a blessing to be part of this experience.

To the recipient of my eggs:

I truly hope he/she will bring you much joy and pleasure. I hope he/she reminds you how precious life is. May God bless your family. And may all that you have ever dreamt of, become more than just dreams, but a series of moments in reality.

Thank you




I’m officially an egg donor, did it last week and it was the best feeling ever knowing that I had out a smile on someone’s face.

I had a great feeling knowing I had helped someone been able to have a gift of life and have a little one, putting happiness into their lives. Its feels really great.

My donation process was so fulfilling. In the beginning, truth be told, I was quite nervous. Nervous because; what if I’m here trying to help someone else but there’s something wrong with me? What if I mess up the process? What if I take the medication wrong and give someone faulty eggs?

As soon as I was told that I’m good to donate, I was so excited! Along the way the doctor and nurse explained everything which was reassuring and calming.

The day of donation was a bit nerve wrecking because you don’t know if you’ve done everything right or if you’ve raised someone’s hopes of getting a baby for no reason. But all went well. The process was quick, and painless (*yay*) and the staff was really friendly. But most importantly I was proud that I was able to give someone a precious gift; a missing piece in their puzzle of life; a piece of me, to have forever. And I would love to have the opportunity to do that for someone else too.

The procedure went well and 22 eggs were retrieved. I’d like to thank you guys for the constant support and thoughts sent through before the procedure. Not once during this process did I feel like I was alone. You are doing a great job providing a gift of life to many couples out there and may many more couples be blessed with your guidance.

Thank all of you at gift ov life for all the effort and time to make things a little easier for donors and recipients alike

I would firstly like to thank you for the amazing wonderful help you guys have given me. Both Gift ov life and MEDFEM were remarkable.  I have done this before and my experience this time was out of the world.  The thank you card afterwards was such a loving touch and its standing as a trophy proudly on my desk!!!!




Again thank you guys very much.

Again wish my recipients all the luck and I’ll continue praying for them

The donation has been such an easy and stress free process. I had the absolute best team of nurses and doctors from Medfem. Thank you for your help and friendliness




Dear Potential Donor

There is so much tragedy in this world. One cannot begin to understand why some unfortunate, and obviously loving people can’t conceive. I asked myself what can I do with what I have to make this broken (and beautiful) world a better place? When given the opportunity, will I help someone I don’t know? “Why yes!?” Then I asked, will I be able to help by giving of myself? Time, effort, small amount of pain? “Yes, I can do that”.  And the next, obvious step was to become a donor with Gift ov Live. The first ‘painful’ experience being the loooooong questionnaire I had to fill out (not really that bad) from day one I’ve been treated like a princess. Fast forward a few months and I’m on the other side, saying thank you to the team at Gift ov Life for an amazing experience, and saying to you…. Come on… do it… let’s make dreams come true! Let’s kindle the hope of the hopeful and share the faith of a better world… one filled with miracles… one with many cute babies in it!

All my love,

Proud yet humble donor – 2015




… but the greatest of these is Love…

Dear Gift ov Live team,

Your faith in me was liberal, your hope for a better future: inspiring, and your love for your work overflowing with passion and devotion.

How humbling was my experience as a donor! Not only was I treated like a royal, but with so much love and affection that I actually felt sad when I realised my journey is over. Thank you for all your efforts with my traveling, lodging and all the other small details I don’t even know about.  Taz, Mandy, you are wonderful!  Thank you for making my dream come true: being a small part to making a miracle happen!

I feel blessed and proud to have taken part in this incredible life giving process.




I will treasure this journeys memory forever
My journey as an egg donor felt at times very long as the process can feel like it takes forever. However, the actual retrieval/procedure on the actual day is very quick and for me painless. Gift ov Life provided me lots of reading materials and all the forms I needed to complete to start the journey and to make it a smooth one. All the staff at the clinic from the receptionist, co-ordinators, Doctors, and theatre sisters/nurses are exceptionally friendly and helpful. They were all very thorough, explained every step and answered any queries I had. To be able to give someone this gift is truly an honour and I will treasure this journeys memory forever. Anonymous




A big thank you
Thank you for the opportunity. My experience was a good one, the nurses and doctors at Aevitas are all wonderful people and throughout this journey I felt supported and completely informed. The actual aspiration after effects were painful, to say the least and I was in a lot of pain for about 3 days. I didn’t expect any less though and would definitely do it all again. Thank you for checking up, And a big thank you to yourself and all those at Gift Ov Life for giving females like myself the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of those who need it.




Thank you all at gift ov life
It was a great honour and experience to be a donor, I was well treated and very good taken care of. I appreciate the fact that everything possible was done to prevent any discomfort that I might have suffered and found everyone at gift of life very friendly, helpful and caring. That’s why I decided to do it again. I am looking forward to possibly help someone else. Thank you all at gift of life for keeping me updated with the whole experience.




To all Gift ov life staff, thank you so much for your care and support. 
To all Gift ov life staff, thank you so much for your care and support.
Giving a life yesterday was the most amazing thing I did yesterday. I am so proud of myself. Knowing that I am an angel sent by God to other people made me feel very special, I will always cherish that moment.
All the sisters and doctors at the Clinic have been very supporting and so kind, I feel they are my second family.
Though I woke up a bit dizzy but it was pain free I just felt like I had woken up from a deep sleep.
I would love to be an angel again to other people who can’t have their own kids again
With love
Egg Donor – March 2015




You have such a lovely team at gift ov life 
Thank you so much for all your help throughout the process, you have such a lovely team at gift ov life and I look forward to the next time. Have a lovely week ahead! Xx Kind regards, Donor Angel September 2014




All your efforts are highly appreciated. 
Good day Gift Ov Life team. A great and big thank you to you all for accommodating me and ensuring that my experience is fulfilling. Doing something of this magnitude for someone you don’t know is quite nerve wrecking but because of the great Cape Fertility staff you have, the experience was amazing. I felt appreciated by each and every doctor I had to work with; from the psychologist right up to the anaesthesiologist, just before the retrieval procedure. I felt comfortable with each and every doctor, I have to say, is was heart-warming. It was my very first hospital admission, being under sedation and donation and I can’t possibly fault or claim horror on the entire experience at all. I cannot say I’m an expert in injecting myself now, I never had prior but I did abide to all that I was told and I hope and pray that the couple or the recipients will finally be blessed with the child that they entered this process for. Many thanks to everyone that was involved in this for me. All your efforts are highly appreciated. Kindly. xx




A very special and eye opening experience!
Dear Gift ov life ladies

It was my first time donating and may I say a very special and eye opening experience!  The process ran fairly smoothly and besides from some discomfort toward the end it was an effort that I do not regret. After donating, one feels rather emotional as I have, but positively so! I received a letter from my recipient parents and it reassured me that I had done the right thing even though my family did not agree with it.

I have thus, hopefully, given somebody else a chance at parenthood and for the egg; a chance to grow and be alive and enjoy the many miracles of life!!

I thank you for being so kind and gentle with me and making this experience beneficial to both me and other parents! You are a very special organisation.

With all my love,
Donor Angel
August 2014




I would once again like to thank Gift ov Life for making this experience such a pleasant memorable one. 
Firstly, I would like to thank gift ov life for all their support while I was donating and through the whole donating process. I am so glad I could help my recipient and I wish them the best and pray that a little miracle will happen in their lives.

This whole experience has opened my eyes and made me realize how privileged I am to donate and help the ones that don’t have the opportunity. This process made me a better person and I really am wishful and positive that everything will be a success. My journey has ended but my recipients journey has only begun.

I would once again like to thank Gift ov Life for making this experience such a pleasant memorable one.

With love
Gift ov life Egg Donor
July 2014




I look forward to walking this journey with you and being able to help you with the most amazing gift of life.

Dear Recipient Family,

Thank you for choosing me to be apart this amazing journey with you, I am honoured that you chose me and I gladly accept.
I look forward to walking this journey with you and being able to help you with the most amazing gift of life.

I look forward to the next few weeks and months and hope that everything works out just the way you want.

Yours in love




I’d like to thank you guys for your continued support.

Hi Girls

I’d like to thank you guys for your continued support.
I am also praying that the recipient couple are successful in falling pregnant 🙂

This experience has given me a great deal of happiness knowing that I am helping another woman achieve what I already have and that’s being a mother which is truly a wonderful gift.

I am back to feeling like my old self already.
Thank you for always answering my sms’s and what’s apps even when it was over a weekend or at night.

I am looking forward to doing this again 🙂

Donor Angel – April 2014




You guys have been good to me every single step

Thank you so much for this gift, it’s been even more rewarding for my second time.

You guys have been good to me every single step…… I am sure the future Mom and Dad as their thank you card to me stated, will appreciate and embrace every single step their little gift of life will take.
I have been blessed with both opportunities to help someone in need of this gift, a big thanks to all the ladies at Gift of life for helping me achieve this.

Thank you to an awesome sister coordinator yet again – Anne has been amazing throughout the process.

Eldred that has no problem fetching me from the Airport 23h00 at night. I do believe that this path is meant to come to an end soon and that a gift to myself and loved ones will be well deserved!

Kind regards and love

Donor Angel, November 2013




It feels like a huge personal achievement

I have recently finished my 3rd donation cycle with Gift ov Life.

The Gift ov Life team were there for me the whole way from the day I got the call to say I’m selected up to my egg retrieval date.
They are the real angels and I would love to donate through Gift Ove life again. Although very overwhelming at times, it was a great experience and now feels like a huge personal achievement to take such a step and be part of a wonderful creation.

Much love…
Donor Angel, October 2013




Your help and care!

Dear Gift ov Life ladies

Thank you so very much. Part of what has made this experience so enjoyable was the complete help and care you all gave to my needs.

I am doing well and am sure I will continue to feel better. I look forward to future liaisons with you.

Again thank you all and all the best to you.

Kindest regards
A, donor angel – Sept 2013




Felt just like a donor but truly like an angel with a blessing

Dear Gift Ov Life Ladies

I greatly enjoyed the experience partially for the amazing gift I could be giving somebody, but also because of all of you and of course the medical staff involved.

Every one of my needs and concerns were catered to with the utmost professionalism and absolute intimacy.

I wasn’t made feel just like a donor but truly like an angel with a blessing.

For this I am truly grateful. Although I battled to adapt to the process it is something I would do all over again. I wish all the best for the recipient couple may their blessings be granted.

Kindest regards
A, donor Angel, September 2013




I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very humbling experience

To all you Beautiful ladies at Gift ov Life

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this very humbling experience. Being a donor has honestly been one of the greatest things that I have done! I am truly blessed to be a donor<3

Going through the process I was constantly thinking of my recipient and I would honestly do it all over again in a heartbeat! Every single injection (which I might add IS NOT even a tiny bit painful) was so worth it.

The service from you beautiful ladies is exceptional! Tasneem was so amazing! The service at Cape Fertility Clinic was outstanding- I thank you for it all <3

I look forward to being a donor angel again

LOTS of love xoxoxoxo




If I had an opportunity to do it all over again for another couple… I WOULD

My experience as an egg donor has been one of excitement and anticipation.
The experience you go is amazing knowing what you are doing in order for another person to have a baby.
The fact of knowing that you are creating life for someone else leaves you with a fulfilled feeling of knowing you have done some good in this world for those less fortunate of having a child.
Its day 2 after the procedure and I’m feeling good knowing I have made another couple happy in so many ways and creating a life of joy that they will experience and treasure.
My journey with all the ladies at Gift of Life and through all the doctors’ appointments has been wonderful.
If I had an opportunity to do it all over again for another couple… I WOULD




It is a good feeling

I have done the donation. I would like to thank you girls at Gift ov life for the opportunity you have given me to be able to give the gift of life.
I feel very good that I have helped a couple. Indeed, it is a good feeling.

I feel ok as if nothing happened. I love the service of the hospital and the clinic, they really made me feel like an Angel.

I would love to also thank you for the gift. I would definitely donate again.

Much love
Donor Angel, September 2013




It has truly been an amazing experience all around

Dear Gift ov Life

I am so glad to have been part of the Gift ov Life family and to have had the opportunity to Donate.
Thank you for your support, guidance and encouragement, and for the opportunities provided to me during my time donation, it has truly been an amazing experience all around.

It really has added value to my life in more ways than one.

I hope I will have another opportunity to donate in the future

Thanks again for everything.

God Bless





I would like to share my experience with other donors

Good day Gift ov life.

I would like to share my experience with other donors, to motivate them to help others the way I have.

A child is something you can’t buy, or replace when it’s not there anymore, that’s why a child is so special and so amazing, and most women aren’t able to experience that, because of difficulties.

That is why I donate to those women, women who have tried everything possible to conceive a child of their own. We as donors can help those wonderful women to have a baby of their own.

I have donated twice for the same lady, and the treatment and care I received is really something out of this world.

If you want to bring joy to another person’s life, I really do suggest that you use GIFT OV LIFE!!!! You would NOT regret it!!!!

Thank you




Please keep on doing this heart-warming work!

Hi there!

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for making this a reality to the person that will bear the gift of life. You all made a huge difference in that person’s life! Please keep on doing this heart-warming work!

Well, where do I start? My journey with gift ov life started in December 2012 when I signed up to be a part of this awesome program and I felt as though this is what I would like to give and from that day I realized that I’m helping in more ways than one. I felt a part of something special, something GREAT! And that felt fulfilling.

I was finally contacted in May
2013 and I was over the moon knowing that there is someone that chose me, and what an honourable feeling that was!!

I met so many people, some not seeing their faces but being there for me and some that I saw that I befriended.

My day finally approached where I would donate and I remember feelings of joy and warmth that morning. I was met by the utmost friendliest nurses and staff at the clinic and I was treated with care and to see them smiling and meaning it was heart-warming!

I felt good that day as I left the clinic and I will never forget my journey as it filled me with joy and brought me so much closer to God, I truly felt like an angel!

Point is, there are no words to describe how absolutely proud I feel for being part of such an amazing journey, but most of all, knowing that somewhere out there is a person that will wake up one day to only see the smile on their children’s faces and that is The Gift Ov Life!

May God bless each and every one of you for the awesome work you do!

All my love





Where to begin with such a great experience ……

Where to begin with such a great experience ……
As a first time donor I was very excited , yet very new to it all. The thought of helping someone with the precious gift of life (a baby) was just so exciting , to know someone out there needs my help.

It was a very exciting experience for myself. And I have learned so much in this process. I was taken such good care off staring from my first clinic appointment , to doing blood tests , and then the scans and finally the big
day of giving the gift.

In each appointment I was taken care of and explained exactly what would be done. so there was never any concern or uncertain feelings of what would be done with my body.

At the end I can positively say that gift ov life took great care of me as donor , I was happy , informed and in detail explained about everything .
They also took my own health in concern, which made me feel even more relaxed and confident .

I feel so great knowing I was able to make a difference in someone’s life through the help of you ladies.

Thank u so much gift ov life, you are true angels from heaven and the happiness you provide for the receivers of these gifts are just so wonderful!

Kind regards
Gift ov life Egg Donor Angel
June 2013




Thank you so much for a great experience.

Dear Gift ov Life Ladies

I would like to thank each of you for the opportunity you have given me. As a first time donor I was not sure what to expect, but with all your help and guidance each step of my journey was so pleasant, organized and wonderful. Thank you for taking such good care of me in this process.

Your program is wonderful and you are helping to bless so many people out there.

Thank you so much for a great experience.

God Bless.

Lots of angel love

What an experience

Good Day Team,

What an experience. I was so nervous when the day came that my heart rate was slightly elevated but my whole family blessed my eggs as did I to go and prosper in the recipients’ womb!! May they be blessed with AWESOME kiddies.

I took a few days of strain and discomfort (nothing unbearable) but it was all worth it to know that I’d be giving someone else such a precious gift!

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity!

Kind Regards
Donor Angel
June 2013




I look forward to starting this amazing journey with you all.

Thank you Tami and all at Gift Ov Life 🙂

I look forward to starting this amazing journey with you all.
I know what this program means to many women who are struggling to have children and have recommended this beautiful program to a few other women who are happy to donate and I do hope that this will help many other women out there!

Warm regards
TB * Donor Angel *
May 2013




You are a lovely team to work with.

Thank you kindly.

I’m doing well. I appreciate all your efforts and support.

You are a lovely team to work with.

T, Donor May 2013




This experience and gift was only a pleasure

Good morning;

I am back at work up & going

I feel fabulous …

Thank you so much, this experience and gift was only a pleasure, and I trust the Lord will keep the Recipient and her family safe and sound.

Donor May 2013




Thank you …

Good day Gift of life team




Thank you so much for this wonderful “un-describing” experience.

I must say the nerves did kick into my soul the moment I placed my feet through the door of Medfem clinic… But the encouraging words from the team and the sisters have been comforting.

The nurse asked me if I would I donate again and I said I need a few days to think about it. . .

But it did not take me few days to decide because I realized, if another opportunity arises it will be the work of God.




Thank you for all the assistance and for making this possible. I must say I have never been so proud of myself and this donation experience is definitely for the strong at heart God will never put on your path if you won’t be able to concur.

I sincerely hope the couple gets blessed with healthy beautiful little prince or princess.

Thank you

Donor Angel, April 2013