Gift ov life and Sperm Donation

sperm-donationSperm is very successfully frozen and stored after donation, even for as long as 25 years, and thus Sperm Banks are available in South Africa and abroad for those in need of a sperm donor. Gift ov life believes in choice, an attribute that has resulted in Gift ov life providing the largest choice of egg donors in South Africa, as South Africa’s largest egg donor agency. We also recognises that some woman seeking a sperm donor may have need for a wider choice and more detailed sperm donor profiles than may be available in South Africa. To this end we provide general information on sperm donation, information regarding South Africa sperm donor banks as well as an international sperm donor bank options – that of The European Sperm Bank and Xytex Cryo International, with whom we are proud to be associated.

Sperm Donation Explained

Assisted reproductive treatment (ART) using sperm donation may be required for conception by couples where the male partner is infertile (which occurs in 25% to 50% of infertile couple cases) or where same sex female couples would like to create a family or where a single woman would like to conceive. Sperm banking or more formally referred to as sperm cryopreservation has become one of the major assisted reproductive treatments. Cryopreservation is low temperature storage of biological cells and/or tissues for an indefinite period of time. Cryopreservation utilises liquid nitrogen as both the refrigerant and storage medium. A sperm cryobank is a facility that collect, freezes and stores the sperm. Cryogenically frozen sperm may also be successfully transported locally or internationally. Frozen sperm may also be stored for an almost indefinite period, without any genetic and functional characteristics being compromised. The donated sperm is frozen for 3 months and then the HIV test is repeated. The sperm can only be used after 3 months to ensure the donor is not in the window period of HIV infection. For this reason The Centers for Disease Control has cautioned that fresh anonymous donor sperm should not be used for artificial insemination or AR – the minimum 90 days quarantine is critical. Once thawed, the sperm are introduced into the female recipient by artificial insemination (AI) or are used to fertilise eggs during in vitro fertilization (IVF.)

Should you be planning to import your sperm from an international sperm bank, please be aware that no less than 4 files of sperm are required by most clinics in South Africa.

South African Sperm Banks

We would recommend that you make contact with the following Sperm Banks should you be looking for a South African Donor Sperm Bank:

European Sperm Banks – Gift ov life recognises that some woman seeking a sperm donor may have need for more detailed sperm donor profiles than may be available in South Africa. To this end we have investigated various international sperm donor bank options. The European Sperm Bank is one of Europes leading sperm donor banks with a wide selection of anonymous sperm donors available for online selection. South Africa woman may select and order donor sperm from the European Sperm Bank for cryogenic freezing and shipping to South Africa. More importantly, The European Sperm Bank has experience in shipping to South Africa with cost effective solutions.

Xytex Chryo International Xytex Cryo International is a full service donor sperm bank based in the United States. Xytex offers a diverse panel of medically qualified donors. The online profiles offer extensive donor information, including complete family medical history, donor essays, childhood and adult photos, and even audio interviews. Xytex also facilitates and monitors the seamless transport of your samples, beginning at our home office, then through customs, and on to the laboratory at your clinic.

Additional alternative sperm banks outside of South Africa

South African Sperm Donor Banks & Legislation

Will donor and recipient of the sperm meet each other?

In South Africa the law prohibits disclosure of donor and recipient identities. The identity of the donor shall remain anonymous and the clients have in no way the right to learn the identity of the donor or solicit donor-identifying information from any other source. The donor shall also be free from any responsibility to the biological offspring produced by his sperm. In the United Kingdom children born following sperm donation may be entitled to find out the identity of the donor, this is not the case in South Africa.

Does the sperm donor have any say in who received his sperm?

It is also the right of the sperm donor to indicate to whom he would like to donate his sperm (marital status of the couple, religion, sexual preference, and ethnic grouping).

What is the compensation for a sperm donor?

In South Africa, the Human Tissue Act prohibits donors from selling organs or tissue, and therefore the donor is only entitled to have his expenses covered.

Will the donor be able to find out of his sperm has produced any pregnancies?

This is a personal issue and the donor will not receive any information regarding the recipients of the sperm.

What if the donor changes his mind?

The donor is at anytime allowed to leave the program. Although any sperm that remains in the sperm bank would be the donor sperm bank’s property.
Sperm donors are ordinary, physically healthy men from across society whose ages range from 18 to 40 years with normal, fertile sperm parameters. They are required to complete a detailed questionnaire to ensure that they have no history of genetic disease or illnesses that may influence future offspring. Donor screening consists of questionnaires, blood screening, semen specimen screening and donor history.

All donor sperm banks in South Africa should be registered at Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and should have a practicing license; therefore sperm from unlicensed sperm banks is illegal. In South Africa a donor is limited to five births.

Where can I find details relating to Sperm Donation Guidelines in South Africa?

The SASRSS guidelines for Gamete/Sperm Donation are available at