Malka Ella Fertility Fund

The birth of a child is a miracle. For those who are able to conceive naturally it might even be taken for granted. For those who face the challenge of infertility it is a heartrending struggle. The biblical story of Avraham and Sarah’s struggle to conceive mirrors many modern day couple’s struggle to become parents. Today unfortunately, physical, spiritual and emotional pain is exacerbated by the financial pressure endured by these couples in their quest to achieve parenthood. In 2000 a devoted group of Jewish men and women realized the need for a community fund to provide Jewish couples with financial assistance and emotional support. This was the beginning of the Malka Ella Fertility Fund. To date, the Fund has financed and supported numerous fertility and adoption procedures. Their Sages urge us to utilize every possible facility available to have children and create a Jewish family. The Malka Ella Fertility Fund believes that financial constraints should never be an obstacle in achieving this dream.

The Children of South Africa

The Children of South Africa is a stunning photographic journey capturing South African children from every walk of life, set against some of the most beautiful landscapes and architecture. These powerful, emotive images will highlight the magic, diverse beauty an spirit of hope that is South Africa. 100% of the profits are being donated directly to the MaAfrika Tikkun charity (of which Nelson Mandela is the Chief Patron) to support orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. Specifically the proceeds from the sale of the book will subsidise sports and soccer programs for HIV/AIDS affected orphans and vulnerable children in 6 townships. Gift ov life is a proud supporter of The Children of South Africa initiative by purchasing copies of these books as gifts.

Kalahari Beads Project

This was initiated the Kalahari Beads Project in conjunction with various Khoi San communities in the Kalahari Desert. These communities make delicate traditional Ostrich Egg Shell Beads. In turn we commission a number of disadvantage women to assemble these unique bracelets for us. The proceeds from the sale of these bracelets go towards supporting participating Khoi San families in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. The Kalahari Bead Project will help raise awareness and bring a better understanding, appreciation and respect for the Khoi San – the real people. Gift ov life purchases these Kalahari Bead braclets as gifts.

The Avril Elizabeth Home

The Avril Elizabeth is currently home to 147 permanent residents and provides day care to 23. All residents and day care attendees are intellectually disabled, many with a physical disability. Twenty-four hour monitoring and care is provided to the residents who range in age from 4 years to 72 years. The main buildings house children and those with severe handicaps and the five cottages, each with house-parents, are home to people whose handicaps are less severe

The Pink Ladies Association

Gift ov life is a member of the PINK LADIES association. Assisting in the search for South Africa’s Missing Children.

Encompass Emergency Sponsorship project

Encompass is running an Emergency Sponsorship Project for the Babies and Children in their care.

Because some of their committed sponsors pulled out at the last minute not being able to assist due to the economic climate, and one of the fathers of the kids they take care of burnt down our crises centre/crèche two days before Christmas, they have found themselves in dire straits and on a survival level .

We still have 26 babies and children that urgently need sponsorships to help them over this period. Our biggest worry is that their basic needs are depleted, especially the babies with their milk and nappies.

They care for approximately 127 babies and children, aged between new born-15 years that are from abused, abandoned, terminally ill, and impoverished and previously disadvantaged backgrounds whereby with your help we can create and provide food security; education; a place of safety; a stimulating, empowering, nurturing and uplifting environment for them between now and March.
Because Gift ov life is passionate about giving and because children are close to our hearts, we sponsor a child with a monthly donation that will allow them to sustain a child, by feeding, clothing, sheltering, and medically aiding, as well as educating a child for that amount of time.

Oranjia – Jewish Child and Youth Centre

Oranjia aims to provide child and youth centred services as well as residential care group care to Jewish children who have been found in need of care in terms of the Child Care Act.

The philosophy of care is based on the core principle that children at youth at risk need opportunities for competency, development and personal growth.

Children and youth with emotional trauma and distress present with interpersonal and social difficulties.

Because Gift ov life is passionate about giving and because children are close to our hearts, we sponsored a party for some less fortunate children.

Jadine Kleynhans Help Fund

Jadine Kleynhans was born on 09 April 2011 (7 weeks prem) and weighed only 1,8kg at birth. After about 2 days at home, her parents realized that something was wrong with her breathing, and took her toe Jhb Gen. She was admitted, and tests showed that Jadine’s lungs weren’t fully developed, and that she had a heart problem. At only 4 days old, Jadine had a heart operation. The operation was a success, but Jadine had to be monitored very closely for 3 weeks in hospital. Everything went well for a day or two at home. Jadine became ill, and they rushed her back to Jhb Gen. This time she was diagnosed with Meningitis. She had another 3 week hospital stay.After a few days at home again, her parents realized that she had a gap in her skull. About 1,5 – 2cm from front to back. Once again they took her back to Jhb Gen. Tests showed that Jadine had swelling on her brain from the Meningitis, and the fluid had to be drained. She had to go back into theater in order for the doctors to put the drain in (from her brain to her tummy). Back in the ward she was put on a drip, and oxygen, and had to stay there for another 3 weeks.Her breathing was very week during this period, but she seemed to be doing okay. After returning home, her mom had difficulty with Jadine to feed. Jadine started to have fits, and they once again took her back to Jhb Gen. This time she was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Further tests, as well as a CT scan were done. She then contracted a blood virus (which attacked her lungs). At 5½ months Jadine only weighed 2,9kg and couldn’t feed from a bottle. She was fed through a tube in hospital. An EEG has revealed that Jadine won’t be able to walk, talk or see.

Jadine was discharged from hospital again in October 2011, and was placed in the care of her grandparents, Japie and Sonet Kleynhans. At the time of discharge, she only weighed 3,4kg at the age of 6 months. (The weight of a newborn baby)

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