Dearest Tasneem

I would like to thank you for your professional support and efforts; just about a year ago I started the very most important step of my fertility journey with you, you were calm, professional, approachable, inspiring, and encouraging.  You were there for me all the time; fast to respond to questions by emails, you made my fertility treatment journey so easy for me.

Today I would like to inform you that my journey was successful and I am a proud mother of twin baby girls of about 5 weeks old.

Again, THANKS, A MILLION, hope you don’t mind if I keep in touch with you.


We just can’t thank you enough

It has been possibly the hardest decision we have ever made, and we just can’t thank you enough for all the support and advice you have given us throughout this process. Your professionalism, efficiency and compassion has been so appreciated and we will continue to promote the services of Gift ov Life on the forums here in Australia.


Thank you for caring so sincerely and thank you for trying your best to get me the perfect match

Tasneem, You have been so kind, sensitive, gentle and empathic and it is YOU, by the way you have treated me from the moment I contacted you,  who gave me the courage and hope to look for a donor. All the other agencies were impersonal and disinterested when compared you. I really felt that you cared. One agency in particular made me feel right from the outset that it is all about the money. Thank you for making yourself available over the weekend. Thank you for caring so sincerely and thank you for trying your best to get me the perfect match. I appreciate it deeply.


A huge, huge thank you again for all your help

I’m delighted to let you know that Sophie arrived safely on 17 Feb 2017, weight 3.25kg. She’s feeding well and gaining weight by the day 🙂
A huge, huge thank you again for all your help. Without your help Sophie wouldn’t be a part of our family. Please would you extend our appreciation to the donor for giving us this precious, precious gift. Our new little bundle of miracle will be very much loved and cherished!!
With lots of love from us all,

Recipients UK,2017


We are very thankful


Here is good news to you,My wife give a birth of baby girl on Saturday, weigh 4.14kg she very healthy also her mother they are fine,

We are very thankful to you for your help and support

thanks and thanks a lot.


We are eternally grateful

I am VERY pleased to say that we now have a beautiful baby girl called xxx who was born on 1st July at 37 weeks. She is sitting on my lap as I type this 🙂

It has been an amazing journey to get here – but we are absolutely loving parenthood.

Wishing you and your team a very merry Christmas!



Cannot imagine life without them.

Little Girl W turned into a threenager last month… with an attitude to boot!!  She’s adorable though so gets away with it!

Little boy W is now 6 months old and a very happy, content, chilled out big boy 🙂  Such a delight.  Can’t believe how fortunate we are to have these two lovely children.

Cannot imagine life without them.



Keep up with the good work. 

Hope you are well, allow me to thank you and the team for the hard work and dedication to assist us through the difficult process. Last night my wife gave birth to twins (x and y) in N1City. Thanks to you and the girls who are there to assist not forgetting the Groote Schuur staff who were so helpful all the way

Keep up with the good work.


Thank you for your kindness

Thank you for your kindness, thanks for all you did to make the journey awesome.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you.


Your advice is vital to us and it helps a lot. 

Our donor is an amazing girl, who has been doing an unbelievable thing for us – Her efforts and willingness are always appreciated.

You, Tasneem, Tami and the rest of Gift ov life team are amazing and beautiful … :-). We could not be able to get up to this stage without the help, caring and support from the Gift ov Life, especially from you and Tasneem for our case :). We really really appreciate everything that you all have done for us.

it is now our job to relax and continue praying for a dream to come true 🙂


It’s nice to know we are in such good hands 🙂 
Thank you very much for all the helpful information and your support.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gift ov life

This email is to advise you of the fantastic news i received on Saturday (and again today).  As of Saturday i am officially pregnant. My hgc number has more than doubled today. The Dr is so happy.
My knees are still a bit shaky at the news and i think it may be a while  before i fully relax , but i am absolutely ecstatic : )

I’d like to thank you all ( particularly you) for all you have done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gift ov life or Cape town Fertility clinic to anyone ( and as a matter of fact i will do so once home) The friendliness, professionalism and compassion i have received has been second to none. I had some fairly traumatic experiences at the fertility clinic i used back home & only wish i had given up on them years ago.  I’ve had my faith restored : )

Many, many thanks and all the best for the future, Recipient, Australia Nov 2015


Words cannot explain the difference your service has done for my life.

Thank you guys so much. I appreciate the love and concern I’ve received from you all. Words cannot explain the difference your service has done for my life. As I wait in anticipation of implantation,  I can only pray that you grow and prosper for the services you offer are life changing.


It is such a pleasure working with you. 
Thank you so much for helping us find our lovely donor, as always it is such a pleasure working with you. xxx


We cant wait for our little miracle
Dear Gift ov life Team,
Just to let you know my wife is 33 weeks pregnant. We cant wait for our little miracle. Thank you so much for everything. Love excited parents to be xxx


I am now 30 weeks pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl! 
I just wanted to give you an update at a time that I was sure I would be in a “safe” place. I am now 30 weeks pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl!
We are very excited and nervous at the same time.  Being grateful is such an understatement.  I will give you another update after the birth of our babies!
Kindest regards
Ecstatic Recipients, June 2015


You will always be in our thoughts, every time our little one laughs. 
Great news!
We had a perfect, beautiful, little girl on Monday. She weighed 3.1kg at birth. Her big sister is utterly delighted to meet her too.
She’s a blessing and we could not have done it without you all, and most especially, our angel donor. You will always be in our thoughts, every time our little one laughs.
Thank you all.


Just want to let you know how invaluable you have been. 
D day has approached. I’m seeing the doctor today. Ash & I are both very excited and hope that it all goes well.
I just wanted to thank you both for all your efforts with getting us to this place. Needless to say we could not have gotten here without you, but more than that is the care you have put into looking after us throughout this journey. I feel very comforted by the fact we chose you and just want to let you know how invaluable you have been.
I’m here for another 5 days which according to the Doctor is all about rest and relaxation (and shopping …)
Thanks ladies again and much love.


Thank you all for making our dream come true. 
We just wanted to let you know that we are thrilled that baby Bhas arrived!  She was born on the 2nd March, she arrived a month early!  Unfortunately I was admitted to hospital with preeclampsia symptoms in mid February and was kept in hospital for a few weeks and she was born at just over 35 weeks at a healthy six and a half pounds.
We are over the moon and so happy to have her in our lives, we are now adjusting to our new family member and she is certainly keeping us busy and a little tired!  We are so thrilled!
We just wanted to share the news with you and the team and thank you all and our wonderful donor for making our dream come true.
Best wishes, Recipient – March


So the good news is that I am 6 weeks pregnant.

I hope this e-mail finds you well.
I have not made contact until now as I wanted to get the 1st scan & be sure that all was fine.
So the good news is that I am 6 weeks pregnant. I had my 1st scan today & doc confirmed all is well & on track.
I know we have 6 more weeks to go before all is considered 100% safe but I am positive & have a good feeling about this.
Thank you for everything & I’ll keep you updated.
Recipient – February 2015


We appreciate everything that you, Tami and your team do to assist women like me.
Thank you so very much for your email 🙂 We are ecstatic. My husband wants to shout it out to the world but I have asked him to contain his excitement for just a little while longer at least. I am currently 5 weeks going onto 6 weeks pregnant and feel fine. I do feel very tired from time to time, but I believe that is normal, otherwise all is good. I am due to go for my first scan within the next 2 weeks so I’m praying the results will be good! Thank you once again for all your assistance. We appreciate everything that you, Tami and your team do to assist women like me. Thank you for taking the time to make personal contact with me. I shall keep you updated of my progress. I have a few exciting months ahead – can’t wait for 2015 to start. Sending lots of love to ALL of you! xxx Recipient, November 2014


Thank you, thank you, thank you!
To all the angels at Gift ov Life I had my embryo transfer done on 6 November, and was told to go for the usual blood test today, which is my 12th day post transfer. I am ecstatic to let you know, I am PREGNANT! My doctor phoned me to say that she was very happy with my numbers Thank you so much for helping me on this journey. Please let our donor know that we are pregnant. We couldn’t have done it without her and we are grateful for what she put herself through so that we could become parents. God bless her always for being such a generous and beautiful woman. May success and happiness always be a part of her life 🙂 Thank you also to all of you at Gift ov Life. Your support, encouragement and patience with me has been a true gift to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My husband and I cannot help smiling from ear to ear. May you all continue to make many couples dreams come true! Lots of love


Thank all the team at Gift of Life for your guidance and support
I just wanted to give you an update, I haven’t emailed earlier as my husband and I have been waiting to reach further down the line and have our 12 week scan before we got back in touch. We have now reached 14 weeks. As you can imagine it’s an overwhelming time for us both as we are still in shock (in a very happy way….) having waited many years for this. We know we still have a very long way to go and do feel very nervous and anxious all the time, but hope myself in particular will start to relax soon as time continues to go by… We would like to again thank all the team at Gift of Life for your guidance and support. Please could you also pass on again our huge thanks and gratitude to our wonderful donor for making this miracle for us happen, its wonderful people like herself that make dreams possible. We hope all continues well and we will be in touch again later in the future. Many thanks. Recipient Couple October 2014


Big big thanks to all of you.
I wanted to let you know that I received a positive pregnancy result this morning! I am absolutely delighted and so incredibly thankful to each of you and, of course, enormously grateful to the donor. I know there is a bit of ‘vasbyt’ to come while I get through the first trimester, but I am incredibly excited. Big big thanks to all of you.


Your organisation is so well run…you guys have been incredible.
Thank you so much for everyones support at gift ov life. I leave in less than 24 hrs and still cant believe people like my donor would do this for us, I am so thinking of her and hope the treatment isnt too much.
Thank you again for your support.Your organisation is so well run…you guys have been incredible.
Recipient June 2014


Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thank you!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being just what and who I needed today.

From the moment I walked into your consulting rooms , I felt such a beautiful sense of love, hope, beauty and LIFE! I was overwhelmed by your generosity of time, information, vulnerability and genuine care. What a beautiful person you are and what a gift to many. Your children and husband are indeed blessed to have you in their lives and I am grateful for such selfless and caring people that God has scattered all over his planet.

Thank you for being the beginning of a conversation… one that I have no idea of how it will end but grateful that you were at its  “conception” . I do sense in my heart that our paths will cross again, that we will impact the lives of women needing hope and direction. What ever the journey may be ; infertility, adoption , donor, peri- menopause, premature ovarian failure, etc  ,I believe all women need a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a voice to give guidance.

Thank you, you were all of the above for me today.!

God bless you richly

Love and gratitude
Recipient, Johannesburg April 2014


We are pregnant with twins!!!!!!!!

Well, we have come full circle now.

Months ago I was conversing with you with regards, to hopefully having our donor change her mind, and cycle for us one last time.

Well luckily for us, through a heart felt letter, we got that wish.

I am also very pleased to tell you, that we completed that cycle last month in March……..


Goodness me……… We got a little more, than we bargained for….. But we are over the moon none the less.

Please thank our beautiful, wonderful donor for us

Her generous offer of agreeing to cycle for us once again… has helped make our family complete (fingers crossed that all goes well over the next 8 months).

I hope that her recovery from that cycle, was as swift & pain free as possible, as I understand she has had much trouble in the past.

We can not thank her enough.

Words can not describe what she has given to us.

We are very happy, and feel very excited for the next coming months, and years.

These are very exciting times.

Thank you for all your support and kind words in the ups and downs…. and strong emotional moments in the lead up to this cycle.

I am very appreciative of all your help.

Many thanks…..

April 2014


A precious little heartbeat!

I went for my first scan today and I am beyond words. A precious little heartbeat!  Our god is an awesome God. Please thank our donor D813 for us. I stressed so much for there were only one embrio good enough for transfer, but he or she is a little fighter.

Enjoy your weekend.

Recipient, 04/14


It is all because of you all at gift of life , that’s truly what we have been given

Thank you,

It is all because of you all at gift of life , that’s truly what we have been given………THANK YOU !!


It is special to know we are still in your thoughts

Thank you very much for your email – it is special to know we are still in your thoughts.

We have wonderful news – our IVF procedure was a success and we are 20 weeks along, with a baby girlJ

So far everything is going well, all normal and healthy.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you both for all your help, advice and support during this journey.

We can’t thank you enough….honestly just can’t find the words!! But know, each time we look at our little girl, we will remember all the special people that helped make this possible.

Thank you
Recipient, April 2014


Thanks so much to Gift ov life and our donor for giving us this tremendous opportunity to build our family

We are delighted to share that our cycle was successful and we have just passed the 12 week mark and all looks great.
We are very excited.
Thanks so much to Gift ov life and our donor for giving us this tremendous opportunity to build our family. We will keep you posted on our progress.
Best regards
Recipient – April 2014


So far SO GOOD

Thank you so much for remembering and thinking of me .

So far SO GOOD . My doctor is very happy with me and said that things are all on a good way and track .

We are exspecting a BOY and all seems to be going well, I go for my 4D scan in about 2 weeks time and I’m very excited to see the little “MAN”.

I have been very nervous throughout my pregnancy as that everything will stay healthy but I keep on praying and so far so good .

I can’t wait to come and show all of the people my little miracle once he is in the BIG WORLD.

Thank you both again and I will certainly keep in touch

Lots of Love M, recipient March 2014


We are still so grateful for all that you did to help us realize our dreams of being parents

Just thought we would send you a few photos of our little miracle from donor.  We can’t believe that she is 13 months old already!  All parents think their baby is the most beautiful but she really is gorgeous!  She is such a little character with an attitude to match!

She has us in stitches daily.  People who don’t know our story always comment on how much she looks like me.  I just smile and say thank you!

We are still so grateful for all that you did to help us realize our dreams of being parents.  She is one very loved little girl.

Lots of love from N, Rand Baby E, November 2013


I cant thank you both enough for this miracle and most precious blessing growing in my tummy

Very excited to update you ….

Everything is progressing wellJ Im now 26 weeks and we are having  a little boy …we are thrilled and thank you both to bits and dad is over the moon with delight.
In three weeks time we are having a Christmas baby shower in the true English tradition of very cold weather!!!

I have started on the nursery and have chosen a safari animal theme and frogs …sewing all the things myself and loving every minute!!

I cant thank you both enough for this miracle and most precious blessing growing in my tummy. He is quite active sometimes and then at other times very quiet ..must be resting and growing …but when active he really does his thing!!

Thank you so much both of you for all your love and help in making this possible.

Much love

C, London, November 2013


I’m 8 weeks pregnant with TWINS

Thank you for the surprise e mail and I’m happy to let you know that I’m 8 weeks pregnant with TWINS…..:)
Can’t believe it!

Haven’t said anything yet waiting for Christmas Day.

Will keep in touch and THANK YOU for your on going kindness.

C, Recipient, November 2013


You have been a delight to deal with

Thank you Mandy,

You have been a delight to deal with and we both appreciate all your help and patients over the last few weeks.

Have a great day and weekend.
Recipient Couple, SA, November 2013


It could not have all worked out any more perfectly

Baby Z was born a couple of weeks ago!!  She is a healthy, happy baby girl and Mum and Dad are completely overjoyed and besotted with her….
We’re absolutely loving having her in our lives.

We would really love to thank all of you for helping us achieve our dream of becoming parents.
The whole experience was made very straightforward for us as it was so well organized by Giftovlife and CFC.
I have just realized it was exactly this date last year that we first contacted giftovlife and to think that within a year we have a beautiful baby girl…it could not have all worked out any more perfectly :-).

Thank you all again.

Love Us and Baby Z xxx


The miracle has happened…

The miracle has happened. I got my positive blood test, and yes I am pregnant! I can say it now! I took my chance and God just gave it to me and presented me with the most precious gift, a baby.

My first Thoth’s went immediately to my Angel Donor, yes, that special person who allowed me to have this gift. That Angel who suffered the same as me fighting for the best results that she could get.  She is a winner.
I am sending her all my love and gratitude and all the blessings that god can give to her in her entire life.

Yes, IVF works! Persistence, dedication, faith, and lovely people around supporting, are fundamental on this process.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You represent too much in my life and I will never forget you.

Thank you for all the love and support that you gave to me.

Recipient – Mozambique
October 2013


The support is so encouraging

I would like to thank you so much for your assistance and support during the donor search and selection, with the support that is so encouraging.
I received 2 embryos on Tues and we are now looking forward to next Sat for confirmation of pregnancy. We have also frozen 4.

Thank you again. Please thank My Donor as well, I hear she was great and delivered good eggs without hassles.
May she be blessed abundantly. You can update her as we do you if that is allowed.

Very excited Mother-to-be.


We appreciate your timely and effective communication

Thank you Mandy. You have been nothing short of perfect throughout all of my dealings with you.
We appreciate your timely and effective communication, not to mention the quality of info you impart combined with your genuine kindness.
You’re made for this job!


I am so grateful

Hello Tami

I know my husband has communicated to you all that I have twin baby girls, but I wd like to tell you personally and am very grateful for that.
That day I wrote yu looking for donor I did not write only to you I wrote to so many agencies but yu were the only person who came back to me ASAP.

The thing that I thought I was just trying has come to reality, thank you very much for your support and everything without you I don’t think I could have continued with the whole process.

Extend my appreciation to the entire team of giftovlife for your support and guidance.

N, Recipient, Malawi. July 2013


We have babies!

We are pleased to announce the birth of our twin boys..  N weighed 2630 grams (about 5 lb 8 oz) and M weighed 2604 grams (about 5 lb 7 oz) – they are both about 18 inches long… so great weights for twins at 35 weeks!

We are still in the hospital but hoping to go home this week – we just need M to eat on his own and gain some weight – N is exceeding expectations – a little show off he is!

We are very happy and feel extremely fortunate to have been successful in the IVF roller coaster 🙂

Thanks again for everything and please let the donor know that everything has turned out great and again how thankful we are for her awesome gift!

Here are some photos 🙂

lots of hugs from all of us x x x


Blessed with twin baby girls

I write to inform you that we have been blessed with twin baby girls today this morning.  Both twins and Mom are in good health.

Allow me to conclude by thanking your team,  Dr. Jacobson and his entire staff for his excellent expertise and support throughout the whole process.

You are such a wonderful team of people.

Continue rendering service to others.

God bless,


Thank you all and God bless

Hi to all the beautiful Girls at Gift ov Life,

Unfortunately… our dream did not come to pass… but we wanted to send you all a quick message to thank you for being so wonderful to us.

Everyone we have had contact with has been absolutely beautiful to us and we consider you all to be very special ladies.

Thank you for providing such a world class service and we wish you ongoing success as you continue to help others with their dreams.

Would you please also pass on our very special thanks to our beautiful donor for the wonderful efforts she put in to try to help us.

Thank you all and God bless,

Much love,
Grateful Recipients, Australia xx J J


Special Thanks!

To the lovely ladies

I went for blood test and they are positive. I would like to thank you and the team that supported us throughout the journey. Special thanks to the donor to accommodate us.

Wishing you all a blessed long weekend.

Recipient, South Africa
June 2013


Thank you so much for your support

Hi team,

Thank you so much for your support during this very exciting time!!!!
I am very positive and will let you of the outcome.

Lots of love M&C x x x


Thank You!

Good morning,

I trust you are doing well. Just to let you know that our dear miracle baby is 4.5 months old already. Vilte Angela is a happy, healthy and a fast developing baby-she got 2 teeth a month ago!

Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Recipient, Namibia, May 2013


Thanks to you and the donor angel I can feel this miracle sensation
Thank you to both for always being there for us.

You can’t imagine the feeling I had when saw the pregnancy test positive. It was the best feeling I ever felt in my life, it was a miracle moment.

In some moment, after so many bad news, lost my hope, I thought that would never have the opportunity to carry a baby inside of me, have a life inside of me.

But now, thanks to you and the donor angel I can feel this miracle sensation.

Please say thank you to my donor to be the person she is, to bring the happiness to my life.  She can’t imagine the bless she sent to me.
God will always bless her and her family, thank you for the big heart she has.
We will always pray for her, you and Tami.
Thank you and God bless
AG, Recipient, Maputo, May 2013


I will remember you for the rest of my life.

Hi Tami,

How have you been?  I hope you are well.

Just wanted to let you know the twins were born about four weeks ago. I have a gorgeous baby boy and a beautiful baby girl!!!!
They are both very healthy and we are all very, very happy…

Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate all your help.

I will remember you for the rest of my life.

God bless you,

Kind regards FA, Australia, May 2013


We wouldn’t be where we are without all of you.

Thank you

We are happy to announce that we are finally pregnant.
We are absolutely thrilled and would just like to thank you and of course our very special donor for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

We wouldn’t be where we are without all of you.
Love C&P, Recipients, May 2013


I’m pregnant!

Exciting news, it’s very early days but wanted to let you know I’m pregnant!!
Hold thumbs still lots of bridges to cross but we’re really excited.

Please tell our donor and thank her again

With love
Over the moon, recipient, May 2013


We LOVE you guys at Gift ov Life!!

Thank you so much for the email and nice to meet you!

Just want to say…we LOVE you guys at Gift ov Life!! Wow!!
Everything is just AMAZING!!! You are SO nice!!
From the moment we walked into your offices everything just felt right!

What a exciting journey ahead!!!

Enjoy your day
Love excited recipients, Cape Town, South Africa 2013


We’re expecting twins!
Thanks very much once again. We really appreciate all your love and support.

Just another update:    We had our scan done and guess what?

We expecting TWINS!!!

Glory unto God!!!

Stay Blessed

AI, Recipients

South Africa, 2013


Thank you

Dear Gift ov life team

Baby D arrived yesterday at Sandton Mediclinic.
She weighed 3.050kg and is 47cm. We had a healthy pregnancy and we were blessed with a safe, quick Caesar.

Thank you all for the part you played in making our miracle a reality.
With love, over the moon parents and Baby D


He is the most beautiful baby!

Hi Tami,

Hope you are well!

I just wanted to let you and the donor know that our baby boy was born on 2 April.

He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.!!!!  I know that every mom thinks that but really!!!!

Please thank the donor once again I cannot thank her enough for this gift!!!

It would not have been possible without her!! Thank you so much for helping us find the donor and please send our love and appreciation to the donor..!

Have a good weekend!

SD, South Africa,  May 2013


23 weeks already 🙂

Hello ladies,

Wow, I am already more than half way through this pregnancy!

I had the good news at 21 weeks, that I have a pigeon pair – a boy and a girl – perfect!

And most importantly all is going well – my Obgyn is happy.


Much love,ED, South Africa, April 2013


Thank you seems inadequate

Dearest Tami

Thank you seems inadequate, but our language does not provide for me  to express our gratitude to you and your team ,

without you ,there would not even be hope for us.

You are all very special people and we are and will be forever grateful to you ,regardless of where our journey ends.

Thank you, take great care and have a wonderful weekend

much love

Recipients, Australia April 2013


Everything is going beautifully

I just wanted to update you all to say we are up to week 13 and everything is going beautifully!

We think of you and our donor often and we are so grateful for everything you have all done to give us this chance to become parents.  It’s sinking in slowly but surely that this time everything is going to be fine.

With all our love
S&A, Australia, April 2013 xxx


Gift ov Life has real angels working there

Please accept our heartfelt and sincere thanks for all your love and support and assistance in finding us a donor angel !

We have welcomed our truly perfect , gorgeous and healthy daughter into this world. We could not be more blessed ~ !

Gift ov Life has real angels working there ! A special thank you to Tami for the exceptional care and support and for being the MOST phenomenal person ever !.

Thank you for the guidance in choosing our donor ~ you did a perfect job !! Thank you for the emails of support to restore my sanity in the dreaded 2 week wait ….

And of course to our special donor angel ……. Thank you for changing my life…. For creating my stunning daughter…. For your love …..

I will simply never forget any of you !!!!!

LOADS of LOVE and hugs
Recipients, 2013


Words cannot describe our happiness

Dear Tami,
Our son, M, 2.9kg & 50 cm was born on 26 march at 10.29am.
We are so grateful to you and our donor to have made this miracle possible.
Words cannot describe our happiness.
Thank you so much.
Best Regards,
Recipient Parents, Australia, April 2013


So, wonderful news!

I just wanted to let you know that I had my 10-day blood test and a follow-up test on day 14.
My doctor has advised me I had a positive test with good levels and the follow up test showed excellent progress.

So wonderful news!

Best wishes
B & M, Recipients, March 2013


It’s been an amazing journey

Hi ladies

It’s been an amazing journey with this particular IVF and I’m very happy to tell you that I’m now 5 weeks pregnant!!  We’ve had so many losses and disappointments so we’re not letting ourselves get excited just yet, but our first two blood test results were very good and we’re cautiously optimistic that this will finally result in the family we hoped for.

We both want to thank you for your help and support – you helped make a very emotional experience painless and stress free and we couldn’t have done this without you.

I promise to keep you updated on progress.

R, Recipient March 2013


You made our dreams come true

Dearest Tami and all at Gift ov life,

It is with great joy that we can inform you we have given birth to a beautiful healthy little girl .

There will never be enough words to express our thanks to you all for your assistance in making our dreams
come true.

Your understanding, assistance and genuine support throughout our whole journey was amazing and we will
never forget it.

It would be our pleasure to be a reference for any other Australian couple that may contact you or if it is of any assistance to your international recipients.

Tami, on a personal note, if it wasn’t for you making me feel so comfortable from the very beginning we may never have even come to South Africa at all. You are amazing and what you assist people like us with is a beautiful and special quality. Thank you so  much for opening the door to our miracle.

Blessings always to you all,

N&T, Australia, March 2013


We had our first scan today and it shows twins

There are no words for us that can say how Thankful and grateful we are for what you, Tami, your team and our amazing Angel has done for us,

Thank you all for your love and support that you have given us during this time.

We had our first scan today and it shows twins

We are truly blessed and over the moon.
Please send our love and thank you to everyone.

Will keep you posted.

Lots of love W&L, Recipient, Cape Town 2013


There are simply no words to thank you enough

Dear Tami

There are simply no words to thank you enough for all your assistance in so many ways along our fertility journey.
We are both very happy with the lovely donor that we have chosen and are so appreciative of just how much you have helped us and in so many ways.

Thanks again for walking this road with me and being a constant reminder during the tough moments that there is true beauty in this world in very special people like both of you.

You will always remain in my heart, as two very special people who showed us so much kindness, empathy, warmth and love at a very difficult time in our lives.

Much love today and always.

C&D, Cape Town, March 2013


Just wanted to share the amazing news

just to let you know the good news…. we had the 7 week scan last week and we have twins on the way!


Thank you for your professionalism

Hi Tasneem,
Thank you for your professionalism and speedy reply throughout this process, its makes the journey seem so much easier.
E&A, Excited recipients, March 2013


Well the little boys have finally arrived!

Hi Aunty Tami,

Well the little boys have finally arrived!

Baby W (dark hair) and Baby F (fair hair) were born on 28th Feb. Each weighed 2.8 and 2.6 kg respectively.

Daddy  is the best dad ever and he is already running rings around me in changing, swaddling and bathing!

The babies are both feeding well, and we couldn’t be more in love!

Please pass on the good news to our donor, as she has made the dream of having our own family come true.


H&K, Australia, February 2013


You are all wonderful.
Thank you so much for your email and all the information you have sent.

I am playing the same role as  you in supporting my niece and her husband in their pursuit of starting a family.

I understand the emotional and psychological trauma they have been under for the past 5 years.

I went through the same situation and after 13 agonising years and I was finally blessed with 2 beautiful children who are now 18 and 16 years old respectively.

With regards to the service and support you have shown since we started communicating, may I say that we are very happy with everything.

You are all wonderful.

Till our next communication,
love to you and all the girls


We had fantastic news today, with a positive pregnancy test!
Hi All

We  had fantastic news today, with a positive pregnancy test!

(A blood test by the clinic).

We are so happy!!!

Thank you so much; our experiences with you all at giftovlife and CFC couldn’t have been better.

Thanks again so much for everything!

H&G, Australia 2013


Thanks again for everything. Gift ov Life has been amazing
Thank you for your support.

I am very happy to tell you that thanks to our donor angel I am currently 7 weeks pregnant!

We had our very first scan a week ago and so far everything is going splendidly.

However, we are taking it one day at a time and hoping that in some months we will have a beautiful healthy baby.

Thanks again for everything

C, Feb 2013