Bringing renewed hope to intended parents in the United Kingdom with South Africa’s largest and foremost Egg Donation Program via our UK Package ™uk3

  • Up to 70% success rate
  • Anonymous egg donors
  • No waiting period
  • First world fertility clinics
  • Affordable currency conversion

About Gift ov life UK

Gift ov life South Africa has been able to restore hope to so many United Kingdom couples and individuals needing egg donor IVF. Gift ov life specialises in assisting UK recipients that are in need of an egg donor for conception. Our UK recipients select a South African Egg Donor angel from our large database of available donors and travel to South Africa for the egg donation procedure. Our South African donors do not travel to the UK.

Local UK assistance

We appreciate and respect the need for confidentiality and respect for privacy as recipient parents who have conceived via donor IVF. This is one of the benefits of egg donation in South Africa with Gift ov life.

As such Gift ov life’s representative in the UK’s full details are not divulged on our website, however her name is Candace, she is now based in London, and she is available to liaise with you directly regarding her experience residing both in South Africa and the UK and having been treated in both countries. She will gladly assist you with information and details pertaining to the UK Package ™ on

South Africa and Gift ov life as an egg donation destination and the benefits for UK Recipients

Egg donor Benefits

  • Egg donation in South Africa is anonymous and strictly confidential. The egg donor and recipient parents never meet, nor are names or details exchanged. There is no central donor registry available for public view.
  • Recipients receive baby/toddler pictures of egg donors and can select a donor from over 200 available egg donors
  • There is no waiting period for a donor of your choice.
  • Donors are available to view online at at no charge.
  • Recipients are assisted with selecting a donor based on their looks, eye colour, hair colour, height, body frame, education and many other attributes.
  • Children born as a result of egg donation are not entitled to know their genetic egg donor when they turn 18 or at any other age.
  • We offer an approved egg donation program and are referred to by all the leading fertility clinics in South Africa.
  • Egg donation is managed with strict guidelines and protocol procedures contained in the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endoscopy Regulations (SASREG.)
  • South Africa allows the transfer of one or two embryos to the recipients, provided that the recipient is capable of safely carrying twins.
  • Any additional embryos that result after IVF and the transfer of fresh embryos can be frozen in South Africa. Should you thereafter wish to use these embryos you can travel to South Africa again for additional transfers of embryo/s.
  • PGD (Pre implantation genetic diagnosis) for sex selection is available, although not common, in South Africa.
  • Should your male partner, in the case of recipient parents, not be able to travel with you for the procedure, sperm taken in the UK can be successfully cryogenically frozen and transferred to South Africa for the fertilization process.

uk3Success Rate Benefits

The South African fertility clinics which whom we work, are world class, both in their facilities, expertise, technology and success rates. Located in first world cities and offering an IVF success rate of 65% to 70% (a confirmed heart beat by ultra sound at 8 weeks), South Africa has long been a popular choice for egg donation procedures.

The cumulative pregnancy rate of patients after 3 cycles of egg donation reaches *92%.

Gift ov life is one of the few egg donation agencies recommended by leading fertility clinics; Cape Fertility Clinic in Cape Town and both Medfem and Vitalab fertility clinics in Johannesburg.

Treatments available in South African fertility clinics include: Blastocyst Transfer, IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination), IVF (In vitro fertilization), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), Donor Eggs (Frozen), Ovarian Tissue Freezing, Donor Embryos, PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis), Donor Sperm, Sex selection, Electroejaculation, Sperm Aspiration (TESA)

Gift ov life’s success rate is 75% – A heartbeat at 6 weeks.

Cost Benefits

In response to the question: How much does it cost (all inclusive) for an overseas client (from the UK)?

A donor IVF cycle at a leading fertility clinic, costs approximately *ZAR40,000 – ZAR80,000
Donors are compensated ZAR7,000 for their donation.
Gift ov life’s egg donation match and management fee is ZAR15,960.00

In terms of travel and accommodation, costs are estimated as follows:

Flights: Per adult, BA, economy, booking 1 month in advance, London Heathrow -Johannesburg: Approximately *ZAR12 500
Accommodation: We have accommodated international recipients in very acceptable 4/5 Star guesthouses for ZAR800 per room per night. A 5 Star hotel could cost anywhere around ZAR2,500 per room, so it really depends on your needs and preferences.
*The above costs are estimates detailed in order to give you an accurate as possible view of egg donor IVF in South Africa

Travel & Clinic Co-ordination Benefits

At Gift ov life we assist our UK recipients with the following advice and assistance, designed to take the stress of organizing a South African egg donation IVF out of your hands.

We assist with:

  • Clinic selection advice
  • Clinic introductions that you can liaise directly with our leading fertility doctors that assist UK couples treatment plans as routine
  • Accommodation advise for cost benefits, comfort and clinic proximity
  • Information packs on South Africa and the city of your choice
  • Tourism additions to your trip
  • Airport transfer assistance
  • Arrival & departure dates can be planned according you your required travel availability.
  • We are available to you before, during and after your treatment.

The UK Package ™

Gift ov life has attempted to make both the decision to have your treatment in South Africa, and the actual experience of e.g. donation IVF, as informative and simple as possible.
The UK Package ™ offers UK recipients the following:

  • Free online access to hundreds of available egg donor angels.
  • Egg donor IVF in South Africa for an estimated GBP 4,500. This includes selecting your egg donor, a full IVF cycle including donor and recipient treatment, to embryo transfer. Excludes flights and accomodation.
  • The choice of leading fertility clinics in either Cape Town,Johannesburg, Durban or Port Elizabeth.
  • Tourism advice and information, transfers assistance and seeking suitable accommodation assistance.
  • Co-ordination between you in the UK and the clinic in South Africa.

A UK Recipient to Egg Donation

Over 75% of our egg donor recipients are international, as we assist couples with South African egg donation every year.

These questions were posed by a new recipient enquiry about egg donation in South Africa. We hereby share her questions and our responses…

[learn_more caption=”Do you provide egg donor to single women and/or same sex couples?”] Both, we have no prejudices…our aim is to assist those that long to be parents with the potential Gift ov life.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Can the child(ren) ever access to the donor identifications?”] No, egg donation in South Africa is anonymous and confidential. There is no central donor registry. This is a major attraction for those couples from the UK seeking egg donors.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Was it possible to use both donor eggs and sperm?”] Yes, donor egg and donor sperm can certainly be used in IVF cycles in South Africa.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Is there a waiting list for an egg donor or for treatment?”] No, you can select your donor and plan your treatment as quickly as you choose.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”How long from accepting a donor to being able to start?”] The handover of the donor’s details are actioned within 24 hours of payment of our fee. We will then arrange the donor’s medical and psychological assessment. Thereafter the donors cycle is co-ordinated with the intended mother and egg donation is usually 8 to 12 weeks from the time that a donor is selected and confirmed.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”How long I’d have to be there before the treatment and how long after?”] Recipients need to arrive approximately 2 days before the donor donates her eggs, this being for a uterus scan. On the day of egg donation the sperm needs to be delivered – either a fresh or frozen sample. 5 days after the egg donation, the resulting embryo/s are transferred to the intended mothers uterus and the day after, she can travel home. Our recipients usually allow 8 days in SA…that excludes tourism![/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Does the clinic also arrange accommodation options for overseas clients?”] No, Gift ov life will assist with accommodation options, transfers and local information.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”What treatment regimes are required, how it would be coordinated here in the UK?”] The local clinic in South Africa will request that any test results you have from any investigations in the UK be made available. These can be emailed or faxed. If any additional scans or blood tests are needed, these will be requested. You will provide details of your cycle to the clinic. Medication will be prescribed and you can collect same at your local pharmacy. You will be provided with a treatment plan that outlines what to take when – its quite simple really :-)[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”May I bring additional/excess embryos from South Africa to the UK to use at a later stage?”] To bring embryos into the UK from anywhere you need to comply with the UK guidelines. The HEFA (Human Embryology and Fertilisation Authority) is the agency that controls fertility clinics in the UK. Transporting human embryos, as a human tissue, requires a special request to this authority, which may take weeks and is not guaranteed to be approved.
For these reasons recipients of egg donation in South Africa choose to return to South Africa to have additional embryos transferred. Recipient couples that we deal with feel that their embryos are safe in South Africa and return to South Africa for additional pregnancy attempts.[/learn_more]

We are personally available to answer all the questions that you may have about egg donation IVF in South Africa. To receive our complete information pack regarding the UK Package, please email us on

For additional information on Gift ov life’s UK Package, please contact us on

We look forward to being a part of your journey to parenthood.