Why choose Gift ov life

It’s a big decision

Choosing to “go the egg donor route” is a serious decision that will require a quality egg donor and ongoing professional support. Gift ov life is not about joking terminology. We are leaders in the world of egg donation because we put your needs, and a professional approach, before our own needs for any recognition in the work we do. Its not about us being the most successful, its about you being successful. Its not about us being fabulous, its about you getting pregnant.

Genetically responsible

Yes, we provide choice with hundreds of available egg donors, but quality is queen. Genetics is paramount when you select an egg donor and at Gift ov life we take time and care when recruiting our donors and we will assist you with understanding genetic versus learnt traits. World class detailed donor profiles with one of the most comprehensive donor screening services according to local and international best practice including childhood pictures, physical attributes, personality, reproductive health, lifestyle, genetic history, medical history, school grades, family history details and more. Only 1 in 15 applications to join our egg donor program are accepted. Are donors are the best there is – inside and out. Our selection process means that Gift ov life recipients have access to first class woman as egg donors.

Owners put their heart and soul

As an active founding owner Tami Sussman will personally assist Gift ov life recipients where needed. Gift ov life is made up of a support team of competent woman, but Tami remains available to you at all times. Tami understands infertility and IVF and has undergone 8 IVF cycles including treatment at Cape Fertility Clinic, Medfem and Aevitas – all leading South African Fertility Clinics. Our team know and love what we do.

Reputation is everything

All South Africa’s leading fertility clinics refer patients in need of egg donors, to Gift ov life as a preferred Egg Donor Agency. We are fully compliant with SASREG medical guidelines – your peace of mind.

World class success rates

The most often documented success rate by South Africa’s leading fertility clinics is 65%. Gift ov life’s recipients achieving a pregnancy on first egg donor IVF mimicks a 65% success rate.
This % success rate is per fresh embryo transfer on day 5, with a confirmed heart beat at 6 weeks.

International acclaim

South Africa has fast become one of, if not THE most sought after destination for egg donation IVF. Over 40% of our recipients are international. International recipients are assured of experience in managing expectations, communication in English, clinic co-ordination, safety information, and accommodation and transfer assistance.Our representative at Gift ov life Australia is personally available to liaise with recipients in Australia and other countries. Hundreds of anonymous and available egg donors, world class donor practices, exceptional private medical fertility clinics with world class success rates, the relaxing sea-side of Cape Town (as an option), highly affordable costs and a warm and professionally co-ordinated stay, from your home town departure to your arrival home.


Free and fully automated on-line donor database with donors available from different locations and ethnic backgrounds. Gift ov life is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Whether you are married, single, gay or straight; at Gift ov life we have no prejudices… our aim is to assist those that long to be parents with the potential Gift ov life.


Donors on our online database are all available and not currently donating. There there is no waiting – You could be pregnant 3 months from today.


Online information on IVF, Egg Donation, Surrogacy, Adoption, Sperm Donation, IVF Clinics, Egg & Embryo Freezing and PGD.


Whether you are a fellow South Africa or an international recipient, please enquire about our fees. Our affordability, payment financing and credit card options offer financial assistance in what we know from personal experience can be a very expensive process.


These are dedicated professionals who will guide you in this difficult process. Having been through many of the procedures themselves, they are leaps and bounds ahead of any others in the marketplace. Their response time is so quick, even after hours and weekends, I was amazed! Their knowledge is wide and they are just loving supportive ladies. S&D Johannesburg May 2010
Hi Tami! Our Angels arrived on the 4th of June with a 2 minute difference. We are so delighted that they are here and enjoying every moment with them. Everything went so well and we are just so blessed. Our son looks so much like papa it’s just quite amazing and our baby girl has a lot of mama’s features. They have the most beautiful eyes and they have already brought so much joy to the family. I thank God for what you have all done for us and truly feel so blessed to have finally meet these precious souls. Gift ov life parents 2011
Dear Tami and girls, I just wanted to write and thank you both for all your support over the past few months. When we first looked at egg donation, I must admit we were a bit cynical. Hearing stories from our friends about unscrupulous agencies on the other side of the world did not help rid us of our fears. This was however to be our last (and as you know…successful!) try at starting a family! Once we finally settled on South Africa, we looked at the websites of many egg donor agencies. Gift ov life immediately lept out at us. There was a sense of professionalism and care that was not found on the other websites and it was that that prompted me to make first contact. I was so surprised to receive a personal message from the founder within hours! The care and support you offered us made us feel at home. I am looking forward to the morning sickness and will certainly stay in touch. Parents Australia 2009


For a reference and/or to be able to chat personally to one of our International Egg Donor Recipients please click here.

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