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At Gift ov life we feel very fortunte to have connected with Caleen and Andy Jones who have assisted us greatly in the Contacts on our Adoption Information Portal.

They have also shared their 7 year path to parenthood with us after they adopted Camryn, as a two week old baby, with the help of social worker Joan Nathanson, whose details are listed on our site under Contacts.

Caleens determination and proactive path to finding a baby filled us with amazement and tears!

I am a Dad

Written by “Dad” Andy Jones

Seven years down the line and I am finally a dad.

Our story is not unlike many others you may have already heard; the difference is that ours has a happy ending.

We decided to start a family as soon as we were married. Six months later we consulted my wife’s Gynecologist and so began our long walk down the fertility trail.
After two years with a fertility clinic we had some very exciting news towards the end of 2004. Caleen was pregnant! Unfortunately our dream was short lived when after nine weeks, on Christmas Eve, Caleen miscarried.

We returned to the fertility clinic as soon as we were emotionally and financially able to do so, but to no avail.

We then listed for adoption knowing full well that going this route also carried no guarantees. We went through the grueling process which included counseling sessions, medicals, police clearance, physiological evaluations and a bigger hole in our pocket.

Our social worker encouraged us to be pro-active as there are so few white babies available for adoption. We sent out e-mails asking friends and family to keep their ears open. We visited hospitals, doctor’s rooms, pharmacies, schools and clinics handing our letters to anyone who would take one.

The support and encouragement we received from friends, family and complete strangers was phenomenal. We followed up on all leads and had two near adoption possibilities.
We decided to consult another fertility clinic where Caleen once again was put through numerous procedures and 2 IVF operations. Once again, disappointingly, without result.
While preparing ourselves for our last IVF Caleen received the phone call that would change our lives forever.

At two o’clock on Monday, 4 February, just fourteen days before we were no longer eligible to adopt (due to age regulations) our social worker phoned to ask us to meet her at four o’clock at a children’s home. There was a two-week-old baby boy looking for a good home. I rushed home and picked Caleen up – stopping along the way to buy a car seat.

After a counseling session at the home with our social worker we met our new son, the tiniest, most perfect baby I had ever seen. It was real, we were instant parents.

At seven o’clock that evening we left the home with our son, four nappies, a bottle, dummy, two blankets and a quarter tin of formula.

Stopping on our way at our extended family who had bought us everything we would need to get us through the next while.

The rest of the night we spent washing, cleaning, sterilizing and watching over our son to make sure he continued to breathe and was in fact real. On Tuesday friends and family started pouring through the door with everything from a bottle to a cot.

We have recently passed our sixty day milestone (the time during which the biological mother could decide to take her baby back). We are so incredibly blessed to not only have a wonderful healthy son, but to have the support and encouragement from our friends and family.

Nothing could have prepared me for this journey and incredible experience of fatherhood – the adventure has only just begun. Camryn is now four and a half months old and developing his own little personality. The joy he has brought into our lives is indescribable. In just two hours life literally changed completely.

I would never change what happened or how it happened; all our experiences have cemented our marriage and prepared us for the journey ahead as a family.

I love being a dad; I strive every day to be the best one I can possibly be. With the strength of a healthy marriage and the care and support of our family and friends I will be the best dad to Camryn that I can possibly be.