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Every child has a right to grow up in a loving family unit. No institution, no matter how well managed, can match the feeling of belonging, that a family can provide ~ Sheri Shenker: Adoption Accredited Social Worker

baby bowGift ov life is not an Adoption Agency; rather an Adoption Information Portal.

Our aim is to provide information with regards adoption in South Africa and to provide links and advice for intended parents seeking adoption as a path to parenthood.

We hope that our information is helpful to you and we wish you all the very best for the fulfillment of your dream to become a parent.

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We have no financial interest in our Adoption Information Portal – we do it for the love of “Happy Endings!”

Good luck and please let us know of your happy ending!

If you would like to give us feedback as regards whether information received from Gift ov life has been helpful, or perhaps you have information that we should add to our Adoption Portal to help others in their journey to parenthood, please email us at