The Team

The dedicated Gift ov life Girls… Gift ov life was born, is owned and intimately managed by Tami Sussman and her team of angels. We are passionate about a world of hope restored… of partnering for fertility… of creating families… of the gift ov life.

Tami Sussman

Tami Sussman


Founder of Gift ov life, Tami’s compassion and understanding of the infertility road comes after 10 AI’s and 8 IVF’s now mom to a beautiful, busy, little toddler boy.

Assisting local and international recipients with ideal donor matches, she is loved by all who know her and more efficient than anyone you will ever meet! Always ready to meet with local recipients and donors in our Cape Town consulting rooms, and having assisted hundreds of recipients to find their perfect donor, she gives her heart and soul. Tami manages Gift ov life’s international recipients with experience and understanding of cross border recipients and their specific needs.

Founding Gift ov life has given me a sense of having done something worthwhile in the world. Being able to make a small difference in someone’s life, is just so incredible. Whilst my battle with infertility has been an interesting one, stretching over 9 years, having my focus on helping others each day has made it easier for me to manage. I have been given an amazing gift to be able to make a difference in people’s lives every single day, and I now have my own little blessing in my little boy.
Tasneem Abrahams

Tasneem Abrahams


Tasneem is “mom” to all our donor angels and a wonderful support to our valued Recipients. Ensuring that recipients have accurate, updated and comprehensive details for our hundreds of donors, is Tasneem’s passion.

She is our personal “mom” to the donors, supporting them through their donation process with love and care.

Once you have selected your donor, Tasneem also takes charge and drives, with Tami and your clinic, the most important process – the egg donation cycle.

Tasneem is mother to two young sons.

There is no stronger love in this world than the love a mother feels for her children. She cries for them, she worries about them, she would die for them. I have been blessed to give birth to the delight of my sons. They have inspired in me a sense of family. Until you have felt those tiny hands and miniature feet in the cusp of your hand, its only then when you realise you’re a family and you’ve been given the greatest gift and your Legacy. My aim is to help others in the same way experience this subliminal feeling of parenthood.
Mandy Wilkinson

Mandy Wilkinson


For recipient couples that select a traveling donor or international recipients traveling to South Africa, as well as our recipients and donors locally, Mandy is indispensable. She also handles the smooth transition of the egg donation cycle. Mandy has her finger on the pulse and her ear on the telephone, always on top of “where and when” for our donors, recipients and the fertility clinic.

Ensuring a smooth, stress free travel experience for donors and recipients alike, she is your peace of mind and loved by all our past recipients and donors.

Mandy is mother to 2 young sons.

Being the Mother of two young, very lively little boys is such a blessing and being part of Gift ov life is just as great a blessing for me. There is nothing more satisfying than assisting couples making their dream of having a baba become a reality. We share their heart ache and we share their joy. Being able to assist and walk this wonderful and unique journey with recipients and also sharing the excitement with the donors when they are chosen… the feeling is indescribable!
Roze Engelbrecht

Roze Engelbrecht


Roze is the newest addition to our Gift ov life family.  Based in our Johannesburg consulting rooms, this “dynamite comes in small packages” lady, is our go to person for recipients, donors, doctors and clinics in the Gauteng region.  She consults out of our rooms in Johannesburg and is always on the ball.

Roze is a mom to a very active and mischievous little boy

26 January 2013, 7:40, something big happened to me. A life time change. In my arms at 2.8kg 50cm long I held my little boy human. Holding him in my arms I knew what I was in for. A life time of dedicated protected love and happiness. Becoming a parent is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Every day I watch my pride and joy grow into a smart little boy. Every day I look at him and think to myself, ‘if only i could pat myself on the back… that’s my boy… I’m proud to be his mommy! A mother’s love will never die.
Debra Chidyiwa

Debra Chidyiwa

Front line& Administration

Debra is your first port of call when contacting and visiting Gift ov life.  She is the friendly voice on the other end of the phone and face when you come and visit us.  She has lots of experience from previous “people focused” roles and fits into our team perfectly, providing a first class reception service, to complement the best quality of care that our team provide.

I am not a mum as yet, butI am looking forward to start my own family. Working for Giftovlife has opened my eyes about infertility and knowing there are so many couples out there who struggle to conceive, it gives me great joy to answer the calls everyday knowing I am doing my part in helping other women out there in their quest to get their giftovlife.
Mia – Lee Ward

Mia – Lee Ward

Accounts and Administration

Mia is the financial guru in our team.  She has a flair for numbers and has a knack of being able to squeeze a nickel from a penny.  Her responsibilities at Gift ov life include; accounting, collections, financial administration and documentation and generally, making sure all are behaving.

Together we have the experience, understanding and compassion to assist you in what we sincerely hope is an end to your infertility path.

We are always available to our Egg Donors and Intended Parents seeking parenthood, as well as to the visitors to our site.

Please contact us:

+27 21 439 8823
National telephone:
0861 736 394
072 887 1495  

With love, The Gift ov life Girls

We wish to also thank the both of you for your services. You’ve been completely professional, caring and wonderful to deal with. We would, without hesitation, recommend your services to others ~ Australian Recipients
There is nobody that can compare to your warmth, empathy and kindness and that I want you to both know. You both have a special brand and uniqueness that I don’t believe any other agency can match and I just so hope that your specialness, kindness and empathy takes Gift Ov Life to new heights this year ~ UK Recipient